The Joys of Boys

Sons are a heritage from the Lord, children a reward from him. Psalm 127:3

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Boy is Getting BIG

Last Friday as we were in the car Braiden announced to me that he had a loose tooth. Of course I did not believe him. He was a week away from being five and I just could not believe it. When we stopped I checked and sure enough, it was LOOSE! Really loose but still had a ways to go. I wanted to cry, really. I wanted to cry like a baby. I am having to accept that he is entering the next phase of life. Kindergarten begins in just a few short months. He is starting to read and add already and I am not ready to let go. It feels like yesterday when we brought him home. How can it be that five years have passed already??? I know people say things like this all the time but when it is actually happening to you it feels a whole lot different and I do not like it. I tell Braiden to stop growing and he tells me he cannot. He is so big! He is almost four feet tall and wearing size 7 clothes, what happened? By the way when you are five feet tall it does not feel good that your five year old is only a foot shorter.

This boy is so smart and he is so amazing to me. He has a heart for the Lord and just loves to pray. I love him more than words can ever say. To say I love him to the moon and back is an understatement. Oh how amazing the Lord is and how blessed I truly am.

So this picture says Friday because it is for my Project Life album which I am behind in and have a long ways to go to finish the 2010 album. At least I am working on it and I am preserving memories for our family.

By the way Braiden was 4 months old when he cut his first tooth which is not this one, it is the one next to it, lower front right. This one he is losing came in at five months old. His claim to fame was 8 teeth at 8 months.

This is what I see Braiden doing a lot of, wiggling his tooth. Gross and the germs but what is a mama to do?


Anonymous said...

Yay a really is!!!! He is getting soooo big and so darn handsome!! Don't worry about being behind we'll be there together - see you Friday! It was so great to hug you on Sunday - miss you!! xoxo

Stephen and Tiffany Seston said...

I did NOT know you had a blog! I'm a follower now and you're on my list. I wish I knew you'd read the news via a blog! I was ready to tell the group on Monday! :)